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So you are driving home from the airport after a nice vacation with your family in Disneyland. They are asleep in the back seat and WHAM, you get rear-ended by some clown in a pickup truck.

At least, that’s what happened to me last August. And like me, you may have Whiplash.

The symptoms may start right away, or they can start unto a week later. Here are a few things to remember:

1: Get Chiropractic Care Right Away

It may seem logical to wait (it is even a common mistake MD’s make) a while for things to “settle down.” Research has shown, and we have seen in our office that the best results occur if chiropractic care is started immediately.

2: Take Responsibility!

Someone else may be responsible for injuring you. They are not responsible for getting you better. You have to realize that the most important thing is to take responsibility so you and your family get better. Worry about the other guy paying later.

3: Transition to the Wellness Lifestyle

People who continue chiropractic care every 2 weeks continue to improve over the next year, but 80% of those who discontinue care after their injury suffer a relapse.

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