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Reliable and trustworthy, when you and your family need us the most.  


We are passionate about relieving headaches.  Using our methods, we have helped over 1000 patients get permanent relief from headaches over the last 18 years.  

Sport Injury

We have the experience and expertise to help you while you reach for your hopes and dreams.  Our staff are certified in sport chiropractic and exercise sciences to help you maximize your performance.   Our blend of posture enhancement, alignment, tonal release and Active Release Techniques gives us results that are second to none.


Repetitive Strain and Posture

Everyday aches and pains can linger for decades.   When the stress on your body goes a level deeper and affects your nervous system, it is no longer a back problem.  This becomes a health problem.  We are here to offer you and every member of your family lasting solutions to help you recover, and reach optimal health.

Spring: Time to Thaw Your Frozen Shoulder

Ah, Spring! It seems like only yesterday that I was up at Whistler Blackcomb, on 7th Heaven skiing on a seemingly limitless blanket of powder.  Actually that was yesterday.  But farther down the mountain, spring has sprung, and spring-skiing aside, it is time for our...

Childhood Sport Injuries

  Childhood Sport Injuries  Childhood sport injuries are an epidemic, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. I only have to look as far as my kids’ weekly schedule.  Not only do they have gym class and running at school, there is also soccer, baseball, skiing, swimming,...

Wellness After Whiplash: 3 Steps

So you are driving home from the airport after a nice vacation with your family in Disneyland. They are asleep in the back seat and WHAM, you get rear-ended by some clown in a pickup truck. At least, that’s what happened to me last August. And like me, you may have...

The A.R.T. of Making Piriformis Syndrome Less of a Pain In The Butt.

Sometimes it starts gradually, sometimes suddenly. You describe a pain in your "hip", "butt" "low back."  The pain radiates all around the front and back of your hip, and sometimes it tingles down the leg.   Many people call it "sciatica." It is often affectionately...

Headaches: No Such Thing as Normal Ones

So you tell yourself it is normal. "It only happens if I am tired or hungry." Or maybe it is constant and debilitating. If you have headaches then I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as a normal headache, and there are things you can do to make them...